Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trail Run. 15 miles

I was worried that I would hold Andy back because he is much faster than me and I always feel guilty that he's not getting in a decent run. But the out and back thing works ok because after the warm up, he can always go off on his own really fast and turn around and run back part of the way with me. It was very reassuring to know he was somewhere on the trail particularly today because I had a spectacular fall. If I wasn't so embarrassed about it I'd be way proud. I tripped over a tiny root and landed on my knees and hands and shoulder. Wow that hurt. Glad Andy didn't see my spaztastic maneuver because I'm still trying to impress him and shit. Wait till he sees me on a hot long trail run in the summer. I don't know anyone that sweats as much as I do. It's so gross. Also I get cranky and generally have a meltdown if it's hotter than 70 degrees and I'm suffering at mile 17. I wonder if I should warn him about this and tell him not to take it personally...
But today was fabulous. Despite the fact that I ran back hobbling like Quasimodo, it was a gorgeous sunny 38 degrees and I got 15 miles (14.88 but whatever I hate decimals)  in. Andy got in 17 million miles or something like that. Now to ice my knee.

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