Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mini Milestone

First 21 Pain Free Pleasant Miles in Months

After the year of injuries I had, this is huge. I even made a friend. The miles were slow trail miles and it was hot ad humid. This horse had one crazy blue eye. Maybe it was blind in that eye. I dunno. I didn't have any food but he came running up to me and stayed with me until I left. It was a therapeutic contemplative solo run. I thought of all that I lost. I had mid life crisis moments. It was cathartic. I imagined that this pony/horse felt my feelings. Do animals know? Can they sense people's moods? I felt like he did. 

Next week, I will attempt 18 fast road miles in preparation for Philly. 

Sweaty Desert Legs

Good times running in the desert this week.  110 degrees makes for some sweaty legs.  Can't possibly drink enough water.  The lack of humidity is amazing. 

Monday, August 24, 2015


I dread track work.  But I also love it. 
In the beginning, track is fun. Nice.  You love track.  You think you'll always have faith that track will always give you that high.  But then you race,  and you compete with others and you are disappointed.   Your workouts yielded results for others but not for you. Track did not love you back. You find that track betrayed you. And it takes a while,  to come back to track because you know track will bring you pain. But you still hope.  No matter how much older you are,  how much time has passed, you cannot give up your passion for the adrenaline rush,  the agony,  the ecstacy,  the speed, the heartache and the trail of  blood and tears left behind as you go faster and deeper into the abyss of this addiction.  That's track. You can hear the tragedy and triumph in your lungs as you give this love all you got.   Bring it.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Scott Jurek eats Vegan Korean Food!

Love this guy more than ever

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Three Months

Milestone.  It's been three months that I started my journey back to recovery.  Every injury is very frustrating.

But this last one.  This last one lingers and is particularly painful. However,  I can run again. May was difficult,  my body was traumatized but I forced myself to run because it was my relief.  My escape.

As with every injury,  this one will leave a mark. A deep scar that always hurts that becomes my new normal. Sometimes,  it flares up unexpectedly and I grimace with pain. However,   I am thankful that I can find joy in running even during my most difficult times. With each run,  I cleanse my soul and often find answers to my most perplexing questions.  Long may you run.