Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mileage Mongering

Six months of structured training and I thought I'd be ready for Houston but alas I am not. I'm half ready. I won't have another Steamtown debacle followed by months of injury because I ran a marathon poorly prepared. I don't want to just finish, I want to race it strong. Everyone is different and for me, that means proper prep via:

1. 70 mile peak week 3 weeks before marathon
2. FIVE 20+ Milers with one run of 23 miles  

If I can just do those two things, I'm 90% trained ready. Forget heart rate training and only running three for times a week. That's for beginners. I need volume. I know this about myself. And although cross training is also necessary, I've learned that by no means can that replace volume. Absolutely not. Even for us everyday noon pro people.  Marathon training requires volume. Period.

As I get older, I ALSO need cross training. However, that can never replace miles. I know that definitively now. Six months of experimenting had shown me that.

So I'll continue with the yoga, weights, bike. But, only if I can ALSO keep my 40 to 60 miles per week volume up. Otherwise, why bother being out there on a marathon course for so long. Road racing is boring. If it takes too long, I can't stay motivated.

Trail ultras are a whole different story. More on zen running later.

Structured training is still serving it's purpose of showing me different workouts. I hope it will continue to teach me new things

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