Monday, August 24, 2015


I dread track work.  But I also love it. 
In the beginning, track is fun. Nice.  You love track.  You think you'll always have faith that track will always give you that high.  But then you race,  and you compete with others and you are disappointed.   Your workouts yielded results for others but not for you. Track did not love you back. You find that track betrayed you. And it takes a while,  to come back to track because you know track will bring you pain. But you still hope.  No matter how much older you are,  how much time has passed, you cannot give up your passion for the adrenaline rush,  the agony,  the ecstacy,  the speed, the heartache and the trail of  blood and tears left behind as you go faster and deeper into the abyss of this addiction.  That's track. You can hear the tragedy and triumph in your lungs as you give this love all you got.   Bring it.

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