Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Resolutions :
1. Run,  Lift. Lots.
2. Superhero Dancing. See below.
3. Remove from my life Shitty Shady (Sh²) Nebulous Narcissistic (N²) Lying Loser (L²) Sicko Sociopaths (S²) pretending to help you at races and daily life but they just want to get in your pants along with everyone else's and are hindering your progress to becoming a better runner and person in general even when you are trying to help them with their own jacked up life but they stab you in the back and lie to your face and ruin your health and keep you injured physically and mentally for the entire year because they lack conscience, remorse,  or any moral compass.  Try NOT to hate everybody just because the best running buddy ever turned out to be an unethical untrustworthy undependable lying sack of shit. Try to forget that all that bonding on long runs where we talked about philosophy, music, politics, books, training, love, art, war was not actually a mind meld accelerated by endorphins but was a bunch of bullshit intended to misrepresent themself for someone who actually gave a fuck about you. Yea fuck those guys.  Too bad this Douchebag Dwarf (D²) was awesome crew but fuck you. 
4. Drink less wine. Eat less donuts. No seriously.
5. Stop procrastinating. So much. But I'll think about that later.
6. More Cross Training. 
7. Be my own superhero race and life support. Be less whiny, eat pain like candy.  
8. Get the fuck outta here more often. Meet better interesting quality people and not just runners.
9. No fake friendships. NO bullshit running. No junk people. No junk miles.
10. Have a kick ass Ran it with Janet 50k. Do a little good in the world. Raise some money.

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