Thursday, May 12, 2016

Facebook Page and other important race info

If you happened to stumble upon my blog looking for info about the Ran it with Janet FatAss 50k, ima gonna direct you to the Facebook page Ran it with Janet 50k Facebook Page   I think it is way more convenient for people to check that out FB since they are on it anyway...

But as long as you're here...just fyi...did you know there are companies that can match your charitable donations to Tax Benefits for Matching Charitable Donations as a Corporation . You should check and see if your employer can match your gift! If you is BROKE, then maybe you got some of this stuff to donate to the shelter Shelter Summer Wish List .  If you are even broker than that, then you should show up with some snacks for the aid stations and volunteer! hang out, have a good time.

See you on June 4 at Stone House, Manassas Battlefield Park 6:30am sharp!

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