Saturday, July 4, 2015

Well that didn't work

So I saw this and thought yup.  Stick to what you know.  I am finally injury free ( knock on wood ) and I would like to lose a few pounds to get into good racing condition. So I read the book Bulletproof Executive and I started to read the blog and listen to the podcast.  I tried the silly coffee, the MCT oil and guess what that didn't work. I also bought into this whole no bread no carb conspiracy. I remained pleasantly plump .

In trying to get back my fitness after injury, I also tried steering away from my traditional training program to incorporating too much cross training, not enough volume and not enough training specificity. Well that didn't work either. I remained slow .

So I've decided to stick with what I know. If you want to lose some weight , don't eat so much. I don't need to write a book  to tell you that .

And if you want your running fitness back, its pretty simple.
1. track work.
2.Tempo Run.
3. Long run.
4. Cross train. A little.

And there you go. Don't make things too complicated. Try something too trendy that has never proved to be successful for you, and most likely,  it won't work. And this goes for your personal life too. Because the basic rule of thumb is, if this shit doesn't work for you in the past , this shit won't work for you now .  For training , eating , love,  and life.

But that's just me. Run hard. Eat healthy and occasionally indulge. And love with all your heart. Those who deserve it.

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